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Are you a woodworker, cabinet maker or furniture maker who is looking for woodworking machinery, tools, wood veneers, hardwoods, fittings, etc?

Using Google's custom search function and a list of some 50 woodworking suppliers of tools, machinery, hardwoods, wood veneers…, I have created a search engine for woodworkers, cabinet makers and furniture makers. Type in a few keywords and you will get back a hitlist, based only on woodworking suppliers.

Find a supplier of woodworking tools, machinery, wood veneer, hardwood, fittings...:

Searches work rather well for, e.g. woodworking tools, machinery, hardwoods, wood veneer, fittings, etc. The focus is on the UK, but some other European woodworking suppliers are included. North America is deliberately excluded, since I have little patience or understanding for the customs process. If you have suggestions for companies that aren't in the list of woodworking suppliers, then make a suggestion.

The Bookshelf gives the possibility to search in a library of woodworking books. One can find information about woodworking tools, machinery, plans and projects. The search is based on Google books and a library of some 300 books. For many of the books the fulltext is searchable and even somewhat "previewable".

Mentor is the beginning of collection of instructional YouTube videos and other articles. These can perhaps help if one is looking for help in answering "how to" type questions about woodworking tools, machinery or techniques.

Last updated: 2/1/2012

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